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Samsung Wave: New, Fast, Sleek, bada-filled

February 15, 2010 Sunday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, Samsung Electronics Co., the largest maker of cell phones for the U.S. market, revealed the first phone running Samsung’s own OS, bada.

With bada, which means “ocean or sea” in Korean and is meant to represent the “limitless variety” of the platform, Samsung is taking the TouchWiz system used on its touch-screen non-smart phones and making it the basis of a smart phone platform to take on the iPhone and BlackBerry.

The new phone, dubbed the Wave (S8500), is a touch screen phone like the iPhone. It features a highly saturated, high-resolution screen using organic light emitting diodes, or OLEDs. Samsung said the Samsung Wave will be offered “within an affordable price range and be distributed globally.”

The Wave sports:

  • A 3.3 inch wide Super AMOLED display
  • A 1GHz application processor
  • More than 512MB of RAM
  • TouchWiz 3.0 – Full Multitasking, Fully customizable home page and menus
  • A seamless aluminum onebody – no parting lines, a tempered glass display, ‘anti-smudge technology’

To support the Wave and existing phones using TouchWiz, Samsung is launching online applications stores in 50 countries this year, including the U.S. and the U.K. Most major phone makers now operate applications stores, or ones administered by others, like Google.

Samsung revealed the phone in Barcelona a day ahead of the start of Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest cell phone trade show.


You can view a hands-on, as well as several pictures by clicking here or here.

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