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Shazam teams up with Pandora and

February 11, 2010

Music identification software ‘Shazam‘ is indispensable. When users hear a song they don’t know playing in a commercial, over the radio, or on the PA at a club, and they want to know what the song is, all they have to do is fire up Shazam on their smartphone, let the app “hear” the song, and it identifies it.

As useful as it is, Shazam has kind of been a one-way street: It identifies (or “tags”) the song and then links the user out to other services. For example, the user can then purchase the song, go to YouTube to watch related videos, or go to the artist’s MySpace page, all where applicable. But up to now, the app ended there, and the list of songs a user has tagged didn’t get used anywhere.

Today, though, Shazam’s company announced that the Shazam Encore and (Shazam)red apps for the iPod Touch/iPhone can be used to create stations in Pandora, which will include additional songs by the same artist and similar ones as well. When a song is tagged, an icon appears in the “Tag Results” page which takes the user directly to their radio station.

A user’s tag list has also been incorporated into to generate a list of upcoming shows made from their favorite tagged artists, with suggestions based upon the user’s location.

You can also listen to stations directly from your tagged Shazam tracks, and create new stations from those tracks in, provided you have the and/or Pandora iPhone app installed. [iTunes links]

The updated versions of Shazam Encore and (Shazam)red [iTunes links as well] are available in the iTunes App Store now.

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