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Google Quietly Releases Their Own Online Dictionary

December 5, 2009
[Updated] I should note that the aggregation feature previously existed on searches preceded by the search operator “define:.”]

Whether this has been around for some time or not, rest assured very few people are aware of it. Google has a dictionary.

Picture 5

The app provides definitions and synonyms in almost thirty different languages, pulled from a scope of different sources and impressively fast.

Words can be “starred” to come back to for whatever reason, you can view your recent searches and easily switch to other languages if necessary.

The worlds most popular online dictionary is and should the word get out, its likely it will be the company to feel the greatest brunt of the launch. Up until now, clicking “definition” button at the top right of all Google searches for words would direct users to site, no prizes for guessing where that takes you to now.

You’ll find Google Dictionary here.

This is why we love Google. We get it: they want to take over the world, bit by bit, slowly but surely — but, at the end of the day, they offer high-quality services at unbeatable prices (i.e. free). Occasionally it can certainly get a little claustrophobic, messing around in Google’s playground — you’re free to wander around, sample the goods, enjoy the ride… but don’t try to actually leave. That’s why they throw in neat, little benevolent things like the Google Dictionary. It’s karmic balance, y’see. Give it a go, it’s cool!

For some reason, the Google Dictionary and all its beautiful splendor has been very quietly released. There doesn’t seem to be an official blog post anywhere — just a smattering of news sources reporting it. I have no idea why they’re not shouting it from the roof-tops though: Google Dictionary is great! It’s minimalist and clean, as you would expect — and there are no ads! Just definitions, related phrases and different definitions/contexts from around the Web. Lovely.

Eventually, the Internet will be Google, but while they keep churning out the goodies, the actual change-over in ownership will probably pass us by. There are none so blind as those that will not see…


[discovered via LA Times]


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