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How the Microsoft Store Logo Came to Be

August 11, 2009
Guys: We need to make a logo for the new Microsoft stores. Yeah, heck if I know what they’ll sell there. Probably some of that obsolete “Windows” stuff. So let’s start with the default Windows logo. Do a Google Image Search. Damn. That’s ugly. Ok, well, we’ve got to do something. Splat-C Splat-V right into Photoshop. Good. Make it really concrete. Like a square. Ok. Cool. Now make it look like a Window. Ok. So put it next to the Cinnabon logo. Do they clash? No. Ok. How about Spencer’s Gifts? Good. Good. Nice. Ok. So make it look kind of like a Pottery Barn logo but like better. Let’s put some pastel in there. A little more. Got it.

OK. Now some lighter colors. Yeah. Good. Nice. Ok. Now make it big. Print it out. Ok. We got it. Let’s send in the $1 million dollar design bill and get a Blue Moon.

Don’t forget to eject that USB key and turn off your iMac.

Ok, I’ll see ya’ll later. I can’t wait to go home and take some pictures of my new iPod Touch 3G. Oh, did I say that out loud? Oh, well. Anyways, see ya’!

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