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Toshiba Reported to “Ramp Up” Production of Flash Memory Chips in August

July 27, 2009

New iPods usually come out in September, right? There or thereabouts, at any rate. Well then maybe we should look into this report that says Toshiba will “ramp up” production of flash memory chips during the month of August. Word on the street is that Toshiba is doing so to fulfill a big order from Apple. So, new iPods on the way? Speculate away!

Toshiba will be cranking its factories out to 90 percent of total capacity. The whole “new iPods?!” rumor starts because, really, why else would Toshiba be running at full speed ahead unless one of its clients—Apple, which buys its flash from Toshiba—needs a whole bunch of flash all at once? And why else would Apple need flash if not for new iPods?

Or, what a minute—maybe it has something to do with that Apple tablet, which, as I understand it, will bring peace on Earth for all eternity?

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