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Skype Unveils a “Super-Secret” Project: A Good, Cheap Headset

July 23, 2009

headsetSkype is great, but it’s also kind of a pain in the ass if you’re talking to someone that has a crappy microphone. And Skype realizes that, so it put its engineers to work on a “super-secret” project: A headset that anyone could use, anywhere.

And today the company unveiled the FREETALK Everyman headset, a USB super wideband audio headset. While first and foremost the goal was to ensure great call quality, Skype also notes that this headset is, “lightweight and folds flat so you can throw it in your bag with your laptop.”

This roadtest review gives a full overview of how it works. Their conclusion? It’s good, but the best part is the price: $22.88. Good-quality headsets usually cost much more than that.

Of course, this super-secret Skype project did not solve the problem of looking like a huge dork when you are wearing a headset talking to a computer screen, but it’s a start.

You can buy the FREETALK Everyman headset here.

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