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Don’t Like Your Google Search Results Being so “plain and bland”? Square it!

June 7, 2009

labslogoGoogle Labs has a new toy for us to play around: Google Squared. This lab it is focused on giving you, with the same results that you can find on a regular Google Search, an enhanced layout and data presentation. The results are shown in a spread sheet form with related fields to your search that can help you to receive the information that you are looking for in a quicker manner.

Let’s try it: I’ll use a simple search “mountains“. Here’s the result:


Pretty nice. On the “Description” field I can find (bold text) the name of common mounts and mountains around the planet, the “Image” section with an accurate image for each result. And here’s the catch, each search will have related fields shown in the sheet; for our case: “Height“, “Location” and “First Ascent“. Another cool thing, you can add columns to be introduced to your search.

Of course this new type of search takes about one or two seconds more than a regular Google Search, and since it is part of Google Labs, it is completely experimental for now; so you shouldn’t expect that this one could replace your common searchs.

Give it a try!

Google Squared

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