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10 Free Ways to Create Animated GIF Online

May 22, 2009

A GIF image is a combination of images you can join together to create an animated avatar for many purposes. The list covers all the useful websites that can help you create GIFs out of your personal photos and make animated avatars, logos, banners and more. Here’s an example of how a GIF image looks



MakeAGIF is one the first websites I had discovered. It allows you to combine your images to create a GIF picture out of it. You simply have to log on to the website and upload your picture from your hard drive. You can attach up to 12 pictures at a time. The process is quiet simple and doesn’t require any registrations.

Check out MakeAGIF



A free web service that allows you to instantly create Animated GIF online for free. All you have to do is upload pictures or get them from your Flickr account. Create funny flashy slideshows with you and your friends, cartoons, previews, banners, etc.


Check out Gickr


Here’s something with the same concept but somewhat different from the rest. Loading icons is a revolutionary way for you to show progress bars in your web applications such as Ajax to give users friendly usability. This is where Ajaxload comes in action. It is a free web application that provides you tens of built-in animated loading images to choose from. You don’t need programming skills or any sort of technical knowledge to create your own animated gif image anymore.


Check out Ajaxload


Gifs is a free platform that offers more than 15,000 free animations and animated GIFs you can use on your blog, emails, presentations and more. You can search animations from various categories including clothing, alphabets, animals, computers, cartoons, everything else, food and drinks, geography and history and entertainment.


Check out GIFs


An online GIF animation and avatar generator that simplifies the whole process of making GIF images for you within a matter of seconds. Simply upload images from your computer, from your Flickr account or from any web site and GIFUP will make a cool animation avatar, banner or GIF slideshow.


Check out GIFup


I have been using this website personally for quiet some time now. It is an excellent GIF generator you can use these tools to convert your video or images. Also check out other peoples animations by rank or by most recently made. Or head on over to the .gif splitter tool and disect your .gifs into separate images and mix them up.


Check out GIFninja

Cool Webcam Avatars

Another exciting website that let’s you create cool avatars by recording from your webcam! You only need a webcam and you don’t need to install any software. Just hit the button on the frontpage and record your avatar.


Check out Cool Webcam Avatars


Another great way to create a free GIF with Picasion simply upload your pictures or grab them from Flickr or Picasa Web, make avatars or funny animations and post it to MySpace, LiveJournal, Bebo, Digg, Facebook etc. Create animated avatar or MySpace avatar at Picasion.


Check out Picasion


It’s an online GIF image editor and doesnt require you to download or install any third party software. It offers some unique features and allows you to create your own special effects with any GIF, even animated ones. You can easily resize it, colorize it, optimize it, and jazzercise it then save it and take it with you. You name it and you can do it.


Check out GIFworks

Animation Online

Animation online is an instant Ad Banner Generator that lets you make custom animated banners online, and then embed them on your website or blog. The application provides you with a number of templates which can be easily customized with desired colors and text


Check out Animation Online

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  1. October 23, 2009 5:27 PM

    Wow! There are so many softwares and freewares that would help make gif images. Also this one…

    Want to do more with your digital camera? WEgif create, view and share animated pictures. Auto align images, animate pictures, photo with similar content with one click of a button.

    Gif Photo Animation

  2. October 31, 2009 5:20 PM

    You can create Animated Pictures online using web based photo animation software. I can name a lot of them. One of them is

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